With more than 20 years of experience in the Sports Management and Marketing market, Mr. Mariano Estevez, Licensed Players Agent with a MBA degree in Media granted by the C.S.U.L.B (California State University, Long Beach, USA), created a new and unique representation agency for professional soccer players and elite counseling to the most important soccer teams worldwide.

Strength, responsibility, and efficiency distinguish this company in the global sports world. We have formed one of the most prestigious work teams in the soccer business, with outstanding professionals whose specialization ranges from talent detection to sports management, going through legal, medicine, nutrition, psychology, and sports marketing issues.

MEMPSA also works globally in the areas of broadcast rights, corporate marketing, and sports properties for sales and sponsorship opportunities.

Headquartered in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and with satellite offices in Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, United States, and Europe, MEMPSA arrived into the soccer business with the sole idea of becoming the leader in the market, and providing our soccer players, and teams with the best service known so far.


MEMPSA provides comprehensive Sports Management Service. Our core business is the representation and counseling of profesional soccer players and national and international soccer teams. The company specializes in contract negotiation, legal counseling specialized in sports law, international scouting, and sports marketing.

In addition, we have a Finance and Tax area to analyze and assess each service provided to the player and the teams.



MEMPSA is one of the biggest companies managing the career of professional sportsmen, guided by agent MARIANO ESTEVEZ.

The discovery of young talents and the promotion of professional players, providing them with career planning is our main goal.

This target is made possible by the way MEMPSA team is set up and organized throughout our entire global net.

20 years of solid background brought our company to lead the market in the best competitive way.



MEMPSA has an exclusive area devoted to scouting professional and Junior soccer players. The area is made up by professionals specialized in the field who provide support to Coaches, Technical Directors, Managers, Scouts, etc.

We are also in charge of organizing trips for international teams, 24-hour assistance, hotel reservations, transportation, tickets to matches, meetings with players, and team directives


MEMPSA, through its Business division devoted to Sports Marketing works on differential exploitation of sports people's image.

We connect brands to fans through passion-based marketing.

After more than 20 years in the Brand and Sports Marketing market, we have managed to build a scheme in which we link the experience and creativity of the biggest advertising agencies, the most important local and international brands to the best known sports people. The combination of these three forces was the result of important brand and advertising campaigns around the globe.

Time and again, we connect brands to fans to grow loyalty and attract new business and drive return on investment or what we term, return on objectives.




Lic. Mariano Estevez -
Licensed Agent